The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017) IMDb: 4.5
The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (2017)

Surly and his friends, Buddy, Andie, and Precious, discover that the mayor of Oakton City is cracking one big hustle to build a giant amusement park, which in turn will ......

4.5 Average
Turf War (2017) IMDb: 5.2
Turf War (2017)

A dirty police sergeant and a drug kingpin try to clean up their own organization by murdering all the street snitches. Detective Manny Ramirez is out to stop the violence, ......

5.2 Average
The Taker’s Crown (2017) IMDb: 4.1
The Taker’s Crown (2017)

The legendary King Wiglaf must assemble the most unlikely team to find The Taker's crown of power before Tome, the Titan thief, claims it and brings destruction upon humanity. ...

4.1 Average
Kiki (2017) IMDb: 5.1
Kiki (2017)

25 years after Paris is Burning, we dive back into the fierce world of voguing battles in the Kiki scene of New York City, where competition between Houses demands leadership, ......

5.1 Average
Illicit (2017) IMDb: 5.4
Illicit (2017)

A couple finds out that starting a extra marital affair is a lot easier to do than ending one when they both are seduced into outside situations. ...

5.4 Average
Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) IMDb: 6.1
Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017)

It's a new day for the Halifax Highlanders. A pro lockout has reunited old teammates and brought a crew of new players to the bench; notably missing from the line-up, ......

6.1 Average
Face 2 Face (2016) IMDb:
Face 2 Face (2016)

The film is a drama about two high schoolers who live in different states and reconnect over the course of a school year via FaceTime conversations. As the story unfolds, ......

0 Average
Delinquent (2016) IMDb: 6.2
Delinquent (2016)

Delinquent is the thrilling and dramatic exploration of a teenager's struggle to manage the fall-out of a robbery gone wrong. ...

6.2 Average
Calico Skies (2016) IMDb:
Calico Skies (2016)

Self condemned to the immense and boundless prison of the Mojave desert, Phoenix leads a life of forced isolation, living by himself in a house as far away as possible ......

0 Average
Boys in the Trees (2016) IMDb: 6.0
Boys in the Trees (2016)

It's Halloween 1997 - the last night of high school for Corey, Jango and their skater gang, The Gromits. Childhood is over and adult life beckons. But for Corey, his ......

6 Average
Blood Brother (2017) IMDb:
Blood Brother (2017)

Blood Brother takes place on the mean streets of a city in decay, where a recently released convict begins to take murderous revenge against his childhood friends, whom he believes ......

0 Average
Batman and Harley Quinn (2017) IMDb: 6.0
Batman and Harley Quinn (2017)

Batman and Nightwing are forced to team with the Joker's sometimes-girlfriend Harley Quinn to stop a global threat brought about by Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. ...

6 Average
Alien Reign of Man (2017) IMDb: 2.8
Alien Reign of Man (2017)

Stranded on a distant planet, a team must fight aliens and activate a machine meant to restore Earth to a time before its downfall. ...

2.8 Average
The Dark Tower (2017) IMDb: 6.0
The Dark Tower (2017)

The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain, has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black, determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark ......

6 Average
Annabelle: Creation (2017) IMDb: 7.0
Annabelle: Creation (2017)

12 years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, where they ......

7 Average